Update #2: Dax and Klaus in Europe!

Dax and Klaus had quite an adventure in Germany and the Netherlands last week where they met clients and made new connections. Check out the videos for more info!

Hello, friends of La Dona! It’s been an exciting (if a bit exhausting) week for us at La Dona, and we’re happy to report that Dax‘s trip to Europe has been a resounding success. To kick off our German market expansion, Dax met with Klaus, our new sales representative for Northern Europe, and the dynamic duo spent four days travelling through Germany and the Netherlands at breakneck speed, meeting with potential customers and investigating the current state of the markets. Here are the two starting off their trip in Rotterdam:

From Rotterdam on to Dusseldorf:

After Dusseldorf came Frankfurt:

And here they are in Stuttgart:

Despite the early mornings and the hectic pace of travel, the trip was highly productive. Dax and Klaus met with customers and potential customers, scouted out markets, and made new connections everywhere they went. Overall, the markets are strong, demand for our products is high, and we look forward to Klaus leading the charge as we expand further into the region.

As always, thanks for checking in! There are always more updates on the way, so stay in touch. Saludos!