Dax Cooke

Head of Marketing and Sales
Location Medellín, Colombia

Dax Cooke is a man with a plan.

The founder of Farmfolio has always had big ideas and lofty goals. After graduating from the University of Alabama (which he still represents with pride), Dax entered the wide world of financial services, where he successfully founded and exited several startups.

In 2014, after the sale of an INC 500 startup, Dax moved to Panama City, Panama, where he developed a passion for agriculture and the Farmfolio concept was born. In 2018, Dax led the successful acquisition and revitalization of the La Dona Fruit company and works closely with La Dona founder Edna Vergara to ensure the integrity of the La Dona brand.

Currently Head of Global Sales and Marketing at La Dona, Dax and his multinational team have taken La Dona around the globe, facilitating sales to 10 countries on 3 continents. A huge proponent of La Dona’s air freight, Dax believes everyone should have access to fresh, tasty tropical fruits.

Today, Dax lives high in the Andes atop Medellín. In his rare moments of free time he enjoys hiking, both kinds of football, and spending time with his family. Like so many of us here at La Dona, Dax spends a significant portion of his time on the road, but whether he’s in Europe, Latin America, or the United States, Dax works hard to ensure that the vision of Edna Vergara is realized.

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