Update #4: Dax and Paul on the Farm in Panama!

Join Dax Cooke, Head of Global Sales for La Dona, and Paul Vergara, Director of Pineapple Operations and son of La Dona founder Edna Vergara, as they tour the pineapple plantation at La Chorrera, Panama!

Thanks for checking in for our latest update! This one is huge: Dax Cooke, La Dona’s Head of Global Sales, was out in Panama last week where he met up with Paul Vergara, our Director of Pineapple Operations and son of our founder Edna, to perform a full audit on our pineapple plantations in La Chorrera! This critical operation is intended to fully assess the farm, taking into account everything from soil health to water management to plant yield.  For all of you who’ve been waiting to see the farm up close, this update is for you! It even features a special guest appearance by Dax’s father, Bobby. Check it out!

In this video, Dax and Paul introduce us to the farm and explain the importance of the audit operation:


Here’s an evaluation of Lot 8, Parcel 3, one of our most productive lots and certainly one of the best views on the farm:



Special guest Bobby Cooke shares his thoughts on the pineapple operations:



And finally getting some rest at the visitor’s shack (where you can stay if you ever feel like visiting):



Thanks for joining us! As you can see, all systems are go for pineapple operations here in Panama. Yields are at expected levels, and we’re anticipating a strong finish to the harvest. Check back regularly for more updates from the La Dona family. Hasta luego!