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Farmfolio Launches Lime Offering


Valle Verde is here! Farmfolio’s latest venture launched this week, and the reaction has been spectacular. This new project will supply La Dona Fruit with sustainably sourced, high-quality Tahiti limes, with production set to commence in the spring of next year. There’s so much to talk about, its hard to know where to begin!

Valle Verde LP seeks to raise $2.5 million through the sale of 2,500 limited partnership units at $1,000 each, with a minimum investment of $100,000. This capital, to be managed by Farmfolio, will be put towards the sustainable sourcing, packaging, and distribution of Tahiti limes, which are some of the most popular, disease-resistant, and flavorful citrus fruits on the market.

Valle Verde – The World’s Gateway to Exquisite Colombian Tahiti Lime from Farmfolio on Vimeo.

Valle Verde’s state-of-the-art packhouse, the first facility of its kind in the Antioquia region, is strategically positioned near two major Atlantic ports which will allow easy access to markets in the US and Europe. Sourced from local growers with a combined total of 1,500 acres of production, Valle Verde is a groundbreaking venture which will allow delicious Colombian limes to spread across the globe.

We’re tremendously excited to announce that Valle Verde will be supplying La Dona with limes! With the great success we’ve already had with pineapple, we know we’ll be able to utilize our existing connections to build productive relationships with clients all over the globe.

“The Valle Verde project is another example of Farmfolio’s commitment to offering opportunities throughout the agricultural supply chain…this will be one of the marquis projects on Farmfolio’s platform, and we anticipate a very quick sellout,” said Dax Cooke, Farmfolio’s founder.

The launch of Valle Verde represents a huge step forward for La Dona Fruit, and we hope you will stick with us as we charge ahead. Thanks for checking in!

– The La Dona Family