Update #1: The Farm Expands!

We're happy to announce that we are expanding our operations in Panama! In this update, Paul Vergara will take you through the critical steps of the expansion process.

Hello, friends of La Dona! We’re excited to announce that we are adding a new lot to our farm in Panama. This new lot is comprised of 6 full hectares, and with a little luck we will begin harvesting our premium golden pineapple by the fall of next year.

We take great pride in the quality of our soil, and we spare no expense to ensure that the soil is managed properly. One critical step in this process is mitigating erosion, and to this end we have constructed a complex series of drainage ditches. In this video, Paul Vergara, our operations manager and son of our founder Edna Vergara, takes us through one of these ditches and highlights its importance.


Another critical step in implementing the expansion of our farm is to survey the land. For this task, we use a handy survey drone to give us a bird’s-eye view of the new lot. Using the drone allows us to be much more precise in terms of what type of seed we can plant, the crop density we need, and the overall layout of the lot.  Paul shows off this nifty gadget in the two videos below.


Thanks for checking in with us at La Dona Fruit! We move fast around here, and there’s always something big in the works, so make sure to come back soon for more updates! Saludos!

–  The La Dona Family