Update #3: Tom Connell at ProColombia Event in London!

Tom Connell was in London last week at an event dedicated to sustainable agriculture and investment.

Big news this week as ProColombia, an organization dedicated to promoting tourism, exports, and investment in Colombia,  hosted an event in London. Thomas Connell was there to represent Farmfolio and La Dona Fruit, and he participated in engaging and impactful meetings about reforestation, conservation, and Colombia as a prime location for sustainable agricultural investment.

Although filming was not allowed inside the event itself, Tom had productive discussions with the many business leaders, investors, and diplomats who were in attendance, including the Colombian ambassador to the UK, Mr. Antonio José Ardila.

With billions of dollars of foreign investment pouring into Colombia, there has never been a better time to explore opportunities in this beautiful and diverse nation. Its favorable climate, rapidly expanding infrastructure, and business-friendly government make it an ideal location for investment, especially in the agricultural sector, said Paola Espina, who Tom spoke to at the conference.

Paola Espina at ProColombia London
Paola Espina at ProColombia London


Representatives of the World Wildlife Fund, an international NGO dedicated to environmental conservation, were also present, and lead discussions on how strategic investment can reduce human impact on the world’s precious natural resources. The organization hopes to steer investors towards more sustainable endeavors by promoting reforestation and environmentally responsible practices.

As the nation of Colombia moves forward, sustainability will play a critical role in guiding development. The government has already invested millions in reforestation projects, but, as was discussed at the event, businesses must also play a leading role in sustainable development. By choosing to do well and good, companies like ours can set an example when it comes to environmental responsibility.

Tom Connell at ProColombia London
Tom Connell at ProColombia London

A big thanks to Tom and everyone who participated in the event. It was a tremendous success, and we hope to have the opportunity to participate in many more like it in the very near future.

As always, thanks for checking in. There’s always something exciting happening at La Dona, so don’t forget to stop by for the latest news. Hasta luego!