Press Release

La Dona’s Air Pineapple from Panama Arrives in Dubai


La Dona Fruit marked an important milestone this week with the first-ever delivery of pineapple via air freight from Panama to Dubai, extending the reach of its increasingly popular Air Pineapple. Continuing its global brand development, La Dona is now supplying to such luxury establishments as the famous Burj al Arab and Nikki Beach, as well as the UAE’s largest online retailer, Kibsons. 

Beginning on Monday, November 11, La Dona’s high-color, high-Brix level pineapple will be available through innovative online retailer Kibsons International. By delivering produce directly to customers via their online service, Kibsons’ model is ideal for providing La Dona’s pineapples to fruit-lovers in Dubai.

Global Head of Sales and Development Dax Cooke stated, “Over the last five months, our distribution network has grown tremendously, and by opening the UAE market, we have entered our third continent. Our logistical capability from Panama allows us to deliver plant-ripened fruit just three days post-harvest, making us the first and only Panamanian air-freighted pineapple available in the Middle East. With Kibson providing high-speed distribution via its home delivery service, customers will feel as if our pineapples were sourced locally.” 

Cooke went on to say, “Panama City has many direct international flights, which is great for market access. Our farm in Panama is very close to the airport, and shorter transport times allow us to leave pineapple on the plant for an extended period of time, resulting in an incredibly sweet, richly colored fruit. Not only that, but the weather conditions in the region allow us to export high-color fruit year-round, which is something many of our competitors simply can’t do.”

These factors allow La Dona Fruit to supply Panama’s first air-freighted pineapple in Dubai. High-end, luxury establishments such as the Burj al Arab and Nikki Beach have requested shipments, and Kibsons will be providing La Dona pineapples starting Monday, November 11.