Update #6: FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin: Opportunities and Insights

The La Dona team attends FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin!

FRUIT LOGISTICA is a massive gathering of industry insiders from all over the world, and showcases products, services, and technologies from across the fresh produce sector. Every year our team comes away with new insights, perspectives, and relationships, and this year was no different.

Firstly, our specialty Air Pineapple from Panama has generated strong interest in European markets. Shipping by air freight allows us to leave our fruits on the vine until just days before sale, making them incredibly sweet. Many in Europe have never tried this type of pineapple before, and markets are showing a very positive reaction.

More good news came in our assessment of lime markets. Colombia’s peak production times coincide perfectly with the high summer season in Europe, when high levels of tourism and domestic consumption push prices to their highest point during the year. This knowledge, together with our existing distribution channels for pineapple, will allow us to confidently enter markets with lime this year.

FRUIT LOGISTICA had a lot to teach us about market preferences. Some countries, for example, prefer lighter-skinned limes. Others prefer darker, juicier limes. Some buyers like bigger limes, some like smaller limes. Gaining insight on the intricacies of these markets will allow us to tailor our product to buyers across Europe.

We have a great time at FRUIT LOGISTICA every time we go, and we’re happy to say that we came away with new knowledge and a more comprehensive strategy. Next year’s event can’t come fast enough!

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