Appreciating the Nutritional Power of Limes

Fresh limes are loaded with vitamins and minerals for a strong immune system, a healthy heart and a faster metabolism. Read our new guide to learn more.

Following on from sharing our insight into the impressive health benefits of eating fresh pineapples, the team here at La Dona Fruit has created this new guide to help you navigate the nutritional aspects of fresh limes.

Thought to have originated in South East Asia (although, unsurprisingly, the Tahiti variety is likely from Tahiti!), limes are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are vital for good health. 

Although often overshadowed by the popular lemon, the lime is another powerhouse of vitamin C. The juice of a single lime contains almost a quarter of your recommended daily intake! 

Lime are also loaded with calcium, magnesium, fibre, phosphorus and potassium, plus vitamins A, E and K, among other nutrients.

Limes deliver various nutritional benefits. They play a role in: 

  • Strengthening Immunity (fighting colds and infections); 
  • Reducing Inflammation (caused by arthritis and other ailments); 
  • Keeping your Skin, Hair and Nails Strong; 
  • Promoting a Healthy Heart and Reducing Heart Risk; 
  • Helping to Regulate Blood Sugar;
  • Aiding Iron Absorption; 
  • Helping with Weight Loss;
  • Relieving Indigestion; and 
  • Helping to Prevent Certain Cancers. 

Now, that is a powerful nutritional punch for a tiny fruit! 

The humble lime contains:

  • High Volumes of Vitamin C to Fight Bacteria, Infections and Diseases;
  • Antioxidants to Keep Arteries Healthy, Reduce Inflammation, Prevent Cancers, and Rejuvenate Skin;
  • Magnesium to Promote Heart Health;
  • Potassium for Healthy Nerve Function and Blood Pressure Levels;
  • Fibre to Aid Digestion; and 
  • Citric Acid to Boost Metabolism and Weight Loss.

Limes are easy to include in your diet. The citrus fruit pairs beautifully with seafood, salad dressings, smoothies, cocktails, sorbets and desserts. 

Both lime juice and lime zest are commonly used in highly popular international cuisines, such as Colombian and Mexican. Limes make the perfect accompaniment to empanadas, ceviche, rice, salsas, and tacos, to name just a few dishes.

Similarly, limes are also one of the main ingredients in Thai and Vietnamese food, where they’re used to marinate meat, pep up dipping sauces and add some zing to salads.

For an easy fix, why not add a squeeze of lime to your morning glass of water to reap the amazing benefits of this beautifully bright green citrus fruit?

Or try these other lime recipes from La Dona.

Appreciating the Nutritional Power of Limes

And if you’re looking to get your kids into limes and other tropical fruits, check out our articles on Inspiring Kids to Eat Tropicals, and explaining their Super Hero Health Benefits!

Just remember to enjoy limes in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Stay healthy!


The La Dona Family