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Air Pineapple Soars Past Shipment Record in Panama!

With a record-setting amount of shipments by air freight in August, AIR PINEAPPLE is taking off!

Another record broken by La Dona Fruit!

We’re tremendously proud to announce that last August we shipped a record amount of pineapple by air freight, according to the Panamanian Customs Office. With 34,500 kilos shipped, it’s safe to say that AIR PINEAPPLE is taking off!

The sweetest pineapple out there.

This achievement has been a long time coming. Since La Dona’s inception, we have been committed to bringing our customers the freshest, ripest fruits possible. We’ve ramped up production in recent months, going from 17,327 kilos of Air Pineapple sold in June to our new record of 34,500. Coming fresh off a record-breaking month, the sky’s the limit for Air Pineapple.

The numerous advantages offered by Air Pineapple have been key to its success. By using air freight to ship pineapples, we can guarantee their sweetness and delicious flavor, without having to worry about losing quality during the lengthy transatlantic shipping process. This allows us to deliver high and ultra-high maturity fruits to lucrative European markets, all while preserving the rich golden color that customers love.

High-color pineapples from La Dona Fruit.
High color fruit has been a huge hit on the market.

Customers are responding favorably to these sweeter, more colorful pineapples. According to Miguel Gonzalez, quoted in an article from, “In the past, having green pineapples was considered an advantage. They lasted longer. Now, especially Dutch consumers, want more color to their pineapples. This color is good not only for the fruit’s ripeness and Brix level. It is also a boon for its appearance.” La Dona Fruit is happy to provide pineapples with rich flavor and color, which customers are quickly falling in love with. 

Consumer perception of pineapple is also beginning to change. “Pineapples are not really an exotic fruit anymore. They are a basic product in fruit shelves,” said Mr. Gonzalez. As pineapple becomes more commonplace, producers are going to have to get creative, and Air Pineapple is the perfect way to do this. Our ultrahigh-maturity and high-color fruits are quickly becoming consumer favorites.

Air Pineapple has also allowed us to receive much higher prices for our product. Cases of pineapple shipped by air freight sold for $11.54 per case last month, which is almost double the price of cases shipped by sea, which was $6.21. Air Pineapple has added huge value to our final sales. 

Now THAT is a nice looking pineapple.

As demand for high-maturity and high-color fruits continues to rise, we are committed to providing more Air Pineapple than ever before. Our shipments of Air Pineapple rose 136% from July to August, which constituted 80% of our total shipments. By choosing to focus on Air Pineapple, we can increase the value of our product and carve out a niche in the competitive markets in places like Germany and the Netherlands.

We have no doubt that Air Pineapple will continue to see huge success, and we intend to focus more of our efforts on providing customers with fresh, colorful, high-maturity fruits. The record is now ours to break, and we have every intention of doing just that, time and time again.