Tom Connell

European Sales & Distribution
Location London, United Kingdom

Tom Connell is our man across the pond. Based in London, he is the head of La Dona’s European Sales and Distribution network, and works closely with our growers in Panama and Colombia to ensure procurement and distribution of La Dona products. His primary responsibility is to lead the European sector in our pineapple, lime, and coconut categories, securing new opportunities and maintaining existing relationships with our European customers.

In his pursuit of sales (and, presumably, adventure), Tom has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the United States, and South America. However, he enjoys nothing more than spending time in jolly old England with his wife and two children. When he isn’t leaping and bounding across the globe pursuing new clients and meeting with old ones, he is also an avid rugby fan.

When the weather in London gets dreary, Tom knows better than anyone that some nice, fresh fruit can take one’s imagination straight to the sunny coasts of the tropics. He enjoys pineapple in curries, cocktails, and, yes, even on pizza.

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